Engagement rings – three stone ring guide

Three Stone Engagement Rings

What are they and why are they the perfect choice for you? When choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, it’s important to choose a classic style that also adds individual flair to the design. These days, it can be very daunting to find a piece of jewellery that you love. However, it can also be very exciting. Diamond Heaven have a varied plethora of engagement rings to choose from. For something elegant and unique, three stone engagement rings are the best option for you.

What is a three-stone engagement ring?

Also, know as a trilogy ring, a three-stone engagement ring is a ring with three main stones in its core. The three stones are quite symbolic and can be quite meaningful. Each of the three stones represents a passing of time or put simply: past, present and future. Three rings are seen as a sign of commitment, which makes them the perfect anniversary gift. The stones are also seen as part of the core factors of any marriage: commitment, trust and respect. For every couple, the three stones are up for interpretation, which strengthens the individual feel to the ring.

Why are three stone engagement rings popular?

A Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings
A Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings

A huge factor in the trends of jewellery such as three stone engagement rings is hugely down to celebrities. In 2018, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement it was revealed that he had given her a three-stone ring. The main stone was sourced from Botswana, a place they had holidayed together in. Two diamonds have added to either side which had been acquired from his mother’s jewellery collection. Prince Harry certainly understood the symbolism behind the bond and commitment of a trilogy engagement ring.

What are the types of three stone engagement rings?

Diamond Heaven house a range of rings and metals to suit all preferences. If you are looking for a platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold ring, we’ve got you covered. Our collection also contains a plethora of precious stones, whether you want a more traditional diamond or something as unusual as coloured gemstones. Three stone rings are available in numerous cuts but the round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular.

How much is a three-stone engagement ring

Just as with other engagement rings, the cost of a three-stone engagement ring will vary depending on the cut, colour, clarity and carat of the diamond. However, your ring doesn’t have to be too costly. Costs can incur for having three stones, but they all don’t have to be diamonds. If you pick less valued side stones, you will save money and they won’t outshine the main gemstone. For more advice on choosing your three stone engagement ring, make an appointment to visit the Hatton Garden jewellery store, Diamond Heaven. You can browse our collection and we can help you find the perfect engagement ring.

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