Engagement ring top tips 2022

Diamond Rings

Engagement ring top tips 2021, engagement rings come in different types, Solitaire, halo, or trilogy? Round, pear, or oval. Diamond or coloured gemstone. Your engagement ring choice is seemingly endless when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Luckily, Taylor & Hart, a London-based jeweller specialising in bespoke engagement rings, has shared some of their … Read more

Wedding Jewellery Trends in Hatton Garden

Perfect wedding jewellery

Whether you got engaged before the pandemic, and your plans have been delayed; still is a great time for a fantastic wedding. Dressing up your gown with some jewellery is always an important task for any bride to tackle! Here are some of the biggest jewellery trends for this season and how you can incorporate … Read more

Brooches Grand Comeback and Royal Trend

Brooches Grand Comeback

Brooches are one of the most ancient sorts of accessories, and they may be worn and styled in a variety of fashionable and contemporary styles. In fact, brooches are a fantastic way to bring your outfit together perfectly. With brooches making an appearance on the red carpet and on the runways, we believe it’s the … Read more

Famous Film Jewellery

Famous Film Jewellery

One of the most exciting parts of seeing a new film is taking in the spectacle and splendour of the costume design – particularly when it comes to jewellery. Here are a few of our favourite pieces from movies past and present. Pretty Woman: The diamond and ruby necklace The diamond and ruby necklace that … Read more

Engagement Ring Superstitions

Engagement Ring Superstitions

Engagement rings are a traditional piece of jewellery that has been around for hundreds of years, so, unsurprisingly, there are all sorts of spooky stories about them. Whether you believe in luck, fate and everything in between, or think it’s a load of nonsense, these engagement ring superstitions still make an exciting read! Don’t let another … Read more

The History of Signet Rings

signet rings guide

Signet rings are ornamental rings, usually worn by men, engraved with a unique design or seal. Each ring is instilled with the heritage of the wearer and those who wore the piece before them. Signet rings are now common across many cultures, but they originated in Ancient Egypt; they were used instead of the modern written … Read more

The Different Colours of Gold


Gold is one of those classic precious metals that is used in different types of jewellery across the globe, but what many people don’t realise is that it comes in many different styles and colours. Here are just a few of the more common shades of gold – which one will your next piece of … Read more

Diamond jewellery to give you some sparkle


We all need a little extra sparkle in our lives every month, particularly since this year has been and gone and the weather is drab and grey. Why not incorporate diamond jewellery into your everyday look? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they’re not just for special occasions! Here are a few stunning pieces … Read more

Conflict Diamonds Vs Ethical Diamonds

Ethical Diamonds

Are you looking to purchase a special piece of jewellery but afraid of ending up with a piece made from conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds, which can also be called blood diamonds. These are diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognised governments. These particular diamonds are used … Read more

How to Clean and Take Care for Your Jewellery

Jewellery cleaning

When you possess jewellery, you want to keep it looking as lovely as possible for as long as possible. Many people purchase a stunning piece of jewellery and then are disappointed if it doesn’t stand the test of time. Taking care of jewellery is important in order to keep it looking its best and prevent any … Read more

Investing in Antique Jewellery


Antique jewellery can provide an aesthetically stunning means of gifting something truly priceless.  Investing in antique jewellery will offer you the opportunity to appreciate and embrace the history and craftsmanship of the styles of previous eras, and provide a great addition to your accessory collection for years to come. However, regardless of the kind of … Read more

Christmas gift ideas at Hatton Garden


Are you looking for a special Christmas gift for a loved one? Find the perfect Christmas gift at Hatton Garden. The extensive range of jewellery gifts available to buy from exclusive diamond shops makes Hatton Garden. Your number one choice for elegantly designed jewellery to leave under the Christmas tree. Jewellery for Her This Christmas, … Read more