buy earrings

How To Choose The Best Pair Of Earrings

Many women enjoy shopping for jewellery, particularly when it comes to earrings. When selecting earrings, …

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Jewellery Auctions

Attending a Jewellery Auction

Attending a jewellery auction can be an exciting day out, and result in some amazing …

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Buying Pink Diamonds

6 Tips For Buying Pink Diamonds

Most people envision a white or colourless precious stone when they think of diamond jewellery. …

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Personalised wedding rings

Bespoke wedding rings Investing in a custom-made wedding ring makes you wedding even more

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Best place to buy jewellery

Best place to buy jewellery in Hatton Garden’s Jewellery Quarter. An area of London with …

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selling your unwanted jewellery

Raise cash by selling your unwanted jewellery

Are you sitting on a stash of unwanted jewellery that you will never realistically wear …

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Garnet – a gorgeous birthstone for January

Those born in the month of January might already be aware that their birthstone is …

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The Future of Hatton Garden

Walking through Hatton Garden and the surrounding streets it’s impossible not to feel the weight …

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Lincoln’s Inn Fields London

Lincoln’s Inn Fields diamond quarter

There are numerous places of deep historical significance only a short stroll away from the …

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