Ethical Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds Vs Ethical Diamonds

Are you looking to purchase a special piece of jewellery but afraid of ending up …

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lab-made diamond

The pros of lab-made diamonds

Diamonds have captivated humans since we first discovered them. The glittering, solid and incredibly rare …

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Diamond Clarity

What is Diamond Clarity?

The clarity of diamonds refers to the existence of inclusions in a diamond. Almost all diamonds …

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Lincoln’s Inn Fields London

Lincoln’s Inn Fields diamond quarter

There are numerous places of deep historical significance only a short stroll away from the …

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choosing your diamond cut

The origin of diamonds

Searching for your perfect piece of jewellery. You can find the most extensive range of …

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choosing the right carat for your diamond engagement ring

Processing diamonds

You can find the most extensive range of dazzling diamonds from diamond retailers in the …

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