Engagement ring top tips 2022

Engagement ring top tips 2021, engagement rings come in different types, Solitaire, halo, or trilogy? Round, pear, or oval. Diamond or coloured gemstone. Your engagement ring choice is seemingly endless when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Luckily, Taylor & Hart, a London-based jeweller specialising in bespoke engagement rings, has shared some of their top tips for 2021 with you. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring, then most advice will be about solitaire rings that draw all the attention to a single diamond.

Engagement ring styles

Nobody knows your partner better than you. The easiest inspiration of all is to look at what style of jewellery and clothing your partner already wears. Take into account what will suit their skin tone and daily lifestyle. For example, if your partner works with their hands, the metal and setting should reflect this. This is to avoid unnecessary damage to the ring. Also, avoid going with a theme, it’s wiser to choose something tasteful and classic that will stand the test of time.

Budget engagement rings

Sticking to a budget won’t compromise the quality of your ring. Instead, it forces you to prioritise which elements of the ring are most important to you. Consumers get better value by learning about diamonds, gemstones and engagement rings before making their purchase. In fact, couples often undertake the purchase together, as this kind of expense is considered a household decision. You could even propose with a placeholder ring and come back to design the actual ring together. This way, you’ll be sure you’re choosing the right one.

Choose your engagement ring stones

Before choosing your diamond, you must consider the 4 Cs of diamond quality–cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. While all of the 4 Cs are important, we suggest that clarity, cut and colour suit your preferences. Before considering carat weight, based on your remaining budget. Of course, for lovers of the bold and bright, gemstone engagement rings featuring sapphires, rubies, emeralds or tourmalines are on-trend. Offering a vibrant splash of colour, and a unique take on an otherwise traditional gift.

The right metal for your engagement ring

We recommend 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and platinum for rings designed to be worn every day. They are durable metals, boasting glorious shine and depth of colour. For those not tied to just one metal, consider incorporating more than one metal into your design. Mixed metal engagement rings are fast becoming a modern trend because it allows an elevated level of creativity and customisation. This can work to further complement your chosen diamonds or gemstones. Alternatively, explore the various different metal finishes and textures available, to give your ring a vintage, contemporary or unique look.

Customise your engagement ring

Today, everybody is looking for ways to express themselves. Using a bespoke service empowers you to take creative control of your engagement ring design. The spectrum of bespoke ranges from something as small as an inscription, or gemstone set on the inside of your band. To have a custom-cut gemstone with an entirely customised engraved pattern along the ring, it’s totally up to you. Little touches can add a hugely personal and unique finish so don’t be afraid to consider customisation. Push the boundaries of what you thought was possible. To design your perfect engagement ring, visit Taylor & Hart. We will help you to create an engagement ring that captures your unique story.

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