Boutique 36 jewellers

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Selling an old piece of jewellery

With 18 expert jewellers under one Central London roof, there’s something for everyone at Boutique 36 jewellers. A busy hub of jewellery trading set in the stylish streets of Hatton Garden, it’s the perfect place to visit, whether you’re selling an old piece of jewellery or looking for something new.

Shopping for wedding bands

Inside Boutique 36 jewellers all of our traders have a wealth of experience and knowledge about all aspects of jewellery, from precious metals to diamond design, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We attract customers with many different desires – some are shopping for wedding bands with their beloved, others are simply looking for a piece to make their new outfit pop – but they all have one thing in common: they leave with the jewellery they’ve been looking for. We source our jewellery and gemstones from exclusive locations across the globe, so there are some truly special pieces just waiting to be discovered.

Jewellery repair service in-store

At Boutique 36 jewellers, of course, it’s not all about purchasing. You can also get a great price for jewellery that you no longer need. From antique broaches to broken necklaces and bracelets, our traders will explain every aspect of the selling process and offer you instant cash to put straight into your pocket. If you don’t want to sell your old jewellery, but it’s in need of a little TLC, we also offer a jewellery repair service in-store. Boutique 36 is an innovative and exciting addition to Hatton Garden’s jewellery scene. Why not come along and explore this veritable treasure trove for yourself?
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