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Finding a perfect diamond has never been so easy. Hatton Garden hosts the most prestigious diamond factories and laboratories around London and the UK; trusted suppliers, fully accredited, and GIA certified. 

Buy a bespoke diamond from the most popular Cuts in London such as Round Brilliant, Princess, Marquise, Cushion, Emerald, Radiant, Pear-Shaped, Oval, Asscher Cut. Furthermore, they have the most popular colours and combinations: Pink, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green and Red. Yellow is the most common naturally occurring colour in diamonds. White, Red, Blue, and Green diamonds are rare diamond types. 

Are you looking to buy loose diamonds to manufacture jewellery?

Get an appointment with the prestigious diamond sellers at Hatton Garden. They will present you with the best diamond cuts, carat, and colours. You will get an affordable quote with the guarantee that you are purchasing certified real diamonds, natural mined, ethical, and conflict-free.  

Consult our dedicated labs in London and around the UK for those interested in eco-friendly and cost-effective lab-grown diamonds.