The meaning behind eternity rings

Eternity rings are a relatively new creation when compared to engagement rings, dating back to the 18th Century. They are usually comprised of a band of precious metal, such as gold, white gold or platinum, and are set with a continuous circle of gems, said to symbolise everlasting love.

The tradition of eternity rings

In their early forms, eternity rings were made from paste gems or white topaz, until the concept of the diamond eternity ring was created in the 1960s by De Beers, a diamond merchant. The heads of De Beers used the concept to promote jewellery with smaller diamonds after they developed a stockpile of these stones due to a ‘single channel’ deal with Russia. Their campaign was promoted by somewhat lacklustre slogans such as “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going”, but modern eternity rings are usually given with a more romantic thought in mind.

The modern meaning of eternity rings

Nowadays, this type of diamond ring is generally given to women by their husbands as a re-expression of the commitment both partners made on their wedding days. Unlike an engagement or a wedding ring, which are given at the proposal and marriage ceremony respectively, there is not a specified moment as to when it is appropriate to give an eternity ring – it is up to the man in question. However, they are often given as a gift on a special occasion or significant anniversary.

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