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In 1902 Joseph Ullmann (the present owner’s grandfather) opened a jewellery shop in Budapest, Hungary. Joseph’s son, Andrew, joined the business in the 1920s, and the firm became ‘Joseph Ullmann & Son’. Joseph died in 1932 and his son carried on the business in Budapest until 1938. This is when the political situation in Europe forced him to flee the country. The jewellery shop carried on trading until 1944 when the Nazis invaded Hungary. The shop was looted and destroyed between 1938 – 1951.

Joseph Ullmann & Son history

Andrew worked as a dealer from offices in London. He moved to 10 Hatton Garden in 1951, and opened a shop under the name ‘Andrew R Ullmann Ltd’. Andrew’s son Joseph joined the firm in 1958, taking over the jewellery business in 1975 when his father died. Jeffrey Pinkus was employed by Andrew in 1959 and has been with the firm ever since.

One of the longest established shops in Hatton Garden

In February 2007 the firm relocated to Greville Street, just off Hatton Garden. The shop has changed very little over the years and still retains its original character. It is one of the longest established jewellery shops in Hatton Garden, and the only one to specialise in antique jewellery. The business used to be largely traded, but has now become predominantly retail, as well as specialising in jewellery repairs and jewellery restoration work.
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