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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting technology is to cut precious metal sheets such as silver and gold. The Laser’s high energy beam allows for pieces to be cut quickly and the digital aspect of laser cutting allows for multiple pieces to be cut with ultimate precision, making each piece exactly the same as the next. Laser cutting sheet metal is perfect for one-off items, such as name pendants and single letters, or multiple items such as dog tags, cufflink blanks and various other shapes. Laser cutting is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications but is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. When laser cutting gold and platinum jewellery, the laser beam simply melts the material, and high-pressure nitrogen is used to blow the molten metal.

Laser cutting jewellery

We’re able to engrave text and symbols on the inside and outside of engagement and wedding rings. We can engrave in any font or language you wish, giving a unique personalisation laser cutting service. We engrave text as small as half a millimetre in size, perfect for engraving small items of jewellery, we can also engrave very large text too. The powerful lasers engrave deep and precisely into the precious metals, giving your message a guarantee to never fade away. Patterns can be laser engraved on the outside of wedding bands, either on a part of the wedding ring or all the way around. We can engrave patterns on the outside of engagement rings and also engrave grains for stone setting or mark holes for drilling and stone setting. The quality of the engraving is deep, you can trust that it will never wear away and it can be polished numerous times without wearing. We can also engrave patterns on the outside of other circular items that may be bigger, such as bangles or napkin rings.

Laser cutting precious metal

We also engrave large flat surfaces in any precious or non-precious metals. This type of engraving is most popular for pendants, lockets, cufflinks and keyrings. ?We can engrave small logos onto pendants, clasps and charms, or we can engrave larger surfaces such as name badges, metal plaques. This type of engraving is also useful for engraving messages onto larger gifts such as silver baby rattles, or silver frames. We can take your fingerprints, handprints, footprints and pawprints and engrave onto any piece of jewellery of your choice. All we need are a few different versions of a print you would like engraved, the better the image supplied, the better your engraving will be.

Portrait laser engraving

Portrait engraving turns portraits of your loved ones into long-lasting wearable memories that you’ll be proud to wear. We mostly engrave portraits on pendants but we can also engrave them onto cufflinks or laser engrave precious jewellery items. If you bring us a photo that you would like engraved please bring a selection so that we can advise which would be the best image to use to engrave your jewellery. Not all photos are suitable for engraving, the best ones are where there is a good contrast in the photo, where the details are visible and not blurry. Our signet engraving service is mostly for visual aesthetic and is not ideal for wax stamping, they are best used on decorative jewellery. We can engrave heraldic designs in this style, we also engrave many monograms and modern designs. Signet rings have a large flat surface for engraving and they are engraved with text, crests, coat of arms and modern designs. The engraving on a seal ring is traditionally done in reverse so that it can be stamped into wax to leave the correct impression. Our precise lasers engrave deeply into the metal at different levels, this creates a 3D effect to the engraving and creates a beautifully accurate image of your design when stamped onto wax.