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Jewellery Emporium

Jewellery Emporium’s in Hatton Garden, with over 60 independent jewellery traders, all with combined experience and knowledge of over 1500 years. Each of these traders buys or sells new and used jewellery at great prices – with hundreds of styles of jewellery, diamonds and watches and Jewellery services to choose from, you won’t come away empty-handed. There are 3 shops in Hatton Garden that have a number of jewellery traders.

The Heart of Hatton Garden Jewellery Emporium boasts two enormous floors of independent jewellery traders, Boutique 36 has 18 independent jewellers, buying and selling everything from loose diamonds to antique jewellery and The Wonder Gallery has 15 independent jewellers offering high-end jewellery and jewellery services.
The Heart of Hatton Garden
The Heart of Hatton Garden Jewellery Emporium has two floors of independent jewellery traders and can take care of all of your jewellery needs. Whether you are buying, selling or browsing, with two floors with nearly 30 independent jewellers. Trading everything from elaborate diamond rings to pretty pendants and pearls, you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes. From polished platinum to sterling silver, all jewellery items in the Emporium is of the highest possible quality. With the expertise of some of the country’s top jewellery traders at your fingertips. You can be certain that you’re getting the best value for money. Whether you’re buying a cute and quirky broach, or selling decadent diamond rings. Our friendly jewellers are happy to help with any query you may have. You may want to find the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, or simply to check if you’re getting the right price for your old gold and platinum jewellery.
The Wonder Gallery
The Wonder Gallery based in London’s prestigious jewellery quarter at 18 Hatton Garden. inside you will discover fine Jewellery and luxury watches from all around the world. There are 15 independent jewellers offering high-end designer jewellery collections of watches and jewellery presented in one beautiful location. You will find something to suit all tastes universal, modern and classic jewellery styles. All within spacious and elegant surroundings whilst offering a professional and personal jewellery service. All The Wonder Gallery jewellery traders are independently owned. We offer a unique jewellery shopping experience, you can buy a stunning range of fine jewellery and watches from our diverse range of jewellery traders.
Boutique 36
There are 18 expert jewellers under one roof, with something for everyone at Boutique 36. A busy hub of jewellery trading set in the stylish streets of Hatton Garden. The perfect place to visit, whether selling your old unwanted jewellery or looking for a new piece of jewellery. All of our traders have a wealth of experience and knowledge about all aspects of jewellery. From precious metals to diamond jewellery design we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We attract customers with many different interests, some are shopping for wedding bands, others are simply looking for a piece to make their new outfit look good. They all have one thing in common leaving with the jewellery they’ve been looking for. The jewellery and gemstones are from exclusive locations across the globe, there are some truly special pieces of jewellery just waiting to be discovered. You can also get great prices for your jewellery that you no longer need. From antique broaches to broken necklaces and bracelets. The jewellery traders will explain every aspect of the selling process and can offer you instant cash for your jewellery items. They also offer a quality jewellery repairs service in-store. Boutique 36 is an innovative and exciting addition to Hatton Garden’s jewellery scene, come along and explore this veritable treasure trove for yourself?