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WaterJet Cutting

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WaterJet Cutting

Harnessing the power of water and the precision of advanced technology, WaterJet Cutting is an innovative technique widely used in Hatton Garden, London’s bustling jewellery hub. This process enables the creation of intricate and bespoke jewellery pieces with impeccable accuracy.

WaterJet Cutting offers a level of precision and detail that is unrivalled by other cutting techniques. Utilising a high-pressure stream of water, it cuts through various materials with remarkable ease. It’s especially effective for harder materials such as gemstones, precious metals, and even industrial-grade metals, enabling jewellers to work with a diverse range of materials.

Whether you’re a seasoned jeweller looking for precise cutting services or an aspiring artisan seeking to bring your unique design to life, the specialist providers in Hatton Garden are ready to assist. With their extensive experience and high-tech machinery, they can offer an efficient and accurate service, ensuring your designs are cut to your exact specifications.

WaterJet Cutting is not only known for its precision but also for its environmentally friendly attributes, as it doesn’t produce hazardous waste, making it a choice process in today’s eco-conscious society.