Avita Jewellery

Bespoke Jeweller based in London

Avita Jewellery is not just another jeweller in Hatton Garden; it’s an experience where exclusivity meets ethical craftsmanship. With its specialization in diamond and moissanite engagement rings, the studio prides itself on its years of expertise, delivering the perfect piece that complements your taste. Be it a traditional diamond or a unique moissanite, the gemstone at the heart of your ring is sure to dazzle.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Sustainable, Affordable Choice

Avita Jewellery goes one step further by offering lab-grown diamonds. These gems are not just cost-effective, being typically 50% less expensive than their natural counterparts, but also ethical and environmentally friendly. With lab-grown diamonds, you can choose a larger, equally stunning stone without compromising on ethics or your budget. Remember, visits to the London studio are by appointment only, ensuring that each client receives the focused attention they deserve.

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