Antique and Vintage Jewellery

Berganza specialises in antique and vintage jewellery and with one of the largest collections of antique and vintage engagement rings, we are unrivalled in Europe with our array of pieces! We supply only the finest quality jewellery and ensure all our gems are natural untreated stones without enhancements. What’s more, we source just those rings that represent the very best of every period. From Roman, Byzantine and Georgian to Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco and beyond, we have something to suit every taste!

The team at Berganza combine experience with vision and practical expertise with academic excellence. A family business, our most important shared characteristic is a passionate devotion to antique jewellery. Our profound understanding of gemstones, supported by our extensive knowledge of the heritage of jewellery design, ensures that we are uniquely placed to select only the very finest for our collection, and to help our customers make informed choices in investing in pieces which, in many cases, will become their own heirloom.

When you purchase a piece of fine vintage jewellery from Berganza, you are investing in a rarity. Each article was handmade by a craftsman at a time when there was no mass production of gemstone rings and jewellers considered themselves artists. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that we are proud sponsors of the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Awards, and have been for the last twenty years, in support of the enduring craftsmanship within the jewellery trade. As a business, we encourage the development of new talent into the industry and are continually looking to be inspired by a new generation of jewellers and gemmologists.

Berganza are dedicated to nurturing the industry and to bringing you the finest pieces of antique and vintage jewellery. Our aim is to continually delight and surprise you, as your trusted jeweller. With a service that is unrivalled by any, we are confident that when you buy from us, you are buying peace of mind.

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