Blackacre London

Bespoke rings made in London

Blackacre provides a bespoke and private jewellery service for clients with a particular focus on rings. We will always strive to deliver the most personal service possible and the name Blackacre originates from the location of where our first client engagement occurred. We seek to deliver the highest quality luxury rings in the world and strive every day to provide the most personal, transparent and trusted service.

Our client base has been built up largely through word of mouth marketing which is testament to the quality of service and creations that we have provided to clients. We operate by appointment from a variety of core London locations and are also available by appointment in New York and Paris.

Based in the heart of a prestigious jewellery workshop in Hatton Garden, clients are not only able to be a part of the creation journey, but also to experience it first-hand.

The rings are made by professionals for professionals and therefore a flawless client service can be expected from the Hatton Garden jewellers. Each of the craftsmen and women has trained at or created pieces for, some of the best-known jewellery brands in the world. The quality of the engagement rings is comparable with the best in the world.

A team of bespoke jewellery designers, craftsmen and women, not salespeople. Their goal is to create exceptional luxury engagement rings specific to client needs. It is therefore in their best interest to deliver accurate, honest, and detailed information specific to each client’s needs.

28 November 2023 - 12:11 PM
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