CAD Fantastic Jewellery

CAD Fantastic Jewellery

Relationship-based bespoke jewellery design using CAD

Bespoke jewellery design

CAD Fantastic Jewellery is a relationship-based bespoke jewellery designer who specialises in jewellery for weddings and special occasions. Our unique combination of skills, both in classical hand-made manufacturing and the latest in jewellery CAD/CAM technology grants us the flexibility to create a personal memento for you that not only expresses your personality but perfectly commemorates a moment of celebration and pride in your life.

Bespoke wedding ring designer

We offer a unique service entitled custom couples wedding rings. Through this service, we work with both partners to develop a ring that not only represents each individual’s personal style but also perfectly compliments their partner’s ring. In this way, we create a special wedding ring set that visually represents how the couple belongs together.

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