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Original bespoke engagement rings

Bespoke Jewellery designer

Personal bespoke jewellery service by David Law. David has been designing and making jewellery for over 35 years and has intimate knowledge of all aspects of jewellery design, diamonds, gemstones and materials. Own something unique, with every detail designed from scratch. David Law will work with you to design jewellery that is personal to you. Explore the possibilities for owning a bespoke engagement ring here:

Experienced bespoke jeweller

With David Law, you’ll have a jeweller that can understand what you really want and knows how to make your ideas come to life. Be inspired by my stunning jewellery designs.

Handcrafted bespoke jewellery

One of the few jewellers that still handcraft jewellery in Hatton Garden of London, famous for jewellery since medieval times. Find out more about your design experience.

Your perfect stones

You could, of course, provide your stones but there is so much more than the diamond 4C’s to take into consideration when choosing your ideal diamond(s) or coloured gemstones and as a diamond expert with 35 years of experience I will explain all to you that need to know.

All of the diamonds and exquisite gemstones that I will propose are handpicked by me, with the diamonds being GIA certificated, and all will fit the budget we discussed.

Precious Metals

As we design your ring, David Law will advise you on whether platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold works best with your skin tones and your lifestyle.

Visit my page on your design journey.

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