Heera Diamonds

Responsible and Ethically Sourced

Established in London in 2015, Heera Diamonds has rapidly grown into a leading name in the jewellery industry. Within a short span of fewer than five years, the business has expanded to include four exquisite stores, embodying the highest standards of customer service and product quality. A special focus on offering the rarest grade of diamonds that are responsibly sourced adds to its stellar reputation.

Heera Bespoke set the business apart right from its inception. It was among the first boutiques to commit to the notion of unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery, making it a leader in bespoke diamond craftsmanship. The Bespoke Experience offered by Heera Diamonds guarantees that each piece is a work of art, meeting the highest calibre of design and quality.

Riviere Jewels: A Jewel in Hatton Garden

Building on the success of its initial location, Heera Diamonds extended its brand with the opening of Riviere Jewels in Hatton Garden in 2017. Recognising the intensifying competition in one of the country’s most renowned jewellery hubs, Riviere Jewels continues to uphold the brand’s promise of superior quality and exceptional service.

Heera Diamonds places immense importance on the ethical sourcing of its diamonds. Every gem is obtained responsibly, aligning with the company’s unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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