Juno Insurance

Specialist Insurance for Jewellery

Juno Insurance takes inspiration from its namesake, the ancient Roman goddess associated with marriage and protection, offering specialised insurance for your treasured jewellery. Located in the prestigious environment of Lloyd’s of London, Juno is not your average insurance company. They understand the intrinsic and emotional value of your jewellery, especially pieces like engagement rings. With a focus solely on jewellery, they offer policies that provide wide-ranging cover not just at home but also when you are away, where the likelihood of loss or damage is higher.

Tailored Coverage for Every Gem in Your Life

Juno’s policies are written on a worldwide “All-Risks” basis, which is the most comprehensive insurance one can get for valuable items. Coverage extends to accidental damage, theft, and accidental loss, and there’s zero excess to pay when you make a claim, even if it’s for a minor loss like a small diamond. Whether you have a single valuable item, like an engagement ring, or a collection comprising wedding rings, necklaces, watches, and more, Juno has got you covered. They also offer special cover for items in safety deposit boxes. Most quotes can be obtained online in less than two minutes, but if you prefer to talk, their office is open six days a week, until 7.00 pm on weekdays.

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