Landale Limited Precious Metals

Precious metal recovery Hatton Garden

Top prices on the spot

From all forms of waste including scrap gold, silver, platinum and floor/polishing/bench sweep, lemel, rubber wheels and solutions. Landale Limited also buy scrap jewellery at our counter and will pay you top prices on the spot.

Leading precious metal recovery companies

Landale Limited is one of the UK’s leading precious metal recovery companies, Landale has the size and experience to provide a comprehensive service, with a personal touch. We welcome both public and trade customers and have long-standing relationships with the dental industry, jewellery trade and industrial sector. Our expertise means your precious metals waste is in good hands and our processing is done on-site for maximum efficiency and financial return.

Selling your scrap metal

Selling your scrap gold couldn’t be easier – Visit our offices or use our prepaid and insured envelope or our collection services. Clients are also welcome to watch their precious metals being processed.

Highly skilled smelters

Innovative technology – We do not use third parties to process our metals – we prefer to know what’s happening in the gold recovery process from start to finish and pass on the financial returns to our customers. Our melting and incineration are carried out on-site using the most up-to-date furnaces, incinerators, crushers and sifters. Our highly skilled smelters work to ensure maximum recovery of all precious metals from your waste in all forms which include grindings, powders, extractor bags, crowns, sweeps, rubber wheel, carpets and solutions. We also purchase scrap jewellery, platinum foil, platinum wire and dental alloys.

Precious metals enquiries

OUR OBJECTIVES Customer satisfaction is our priority; our recovery process is quick, efficient and confidential, offering maximum returns – a service that is second to none. As such, we find our customers come back to us time and again to sell scrap gold. We look forward to providing that service to you, please contact us with any of your Precious Metal enquiries

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