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Luxe Watches was established in 2011, emerging from a profound passion for the art of watchmaking and the ambition to offer a personalised service to both collectors and enthusiasts alike. Situated in a premium location, this unique store boasts over a decade of expertise in providing new and pre-owned luxury watches. From the modern to the timeless, their selection spans across celebrated brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, and many more.

Exceptional Variety, Exceptional Brands

The vast inventory at Luxe Watches is akin to a treasure trove for those who appreciate superior craftsmanship in timekeeping. Whether it’s the intricate mechanics of a Patek Philippe, the iconic design of a Cartier, or the avant-garde aesthetics of a Tag Heuer, there is something to satisfy every taste and predilection. Luxe Watches not only sells these masterpieces but also offers the ability for clients to sell or exchange their timepieces, making it a versatile platform for all things luxury watches.

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