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Tailor-made diamond rings

Tailor-made diamond rings from Madison jewellery shop located in the heart of the prestigious Hatton Garden district in London, UK. We specialise in tailor-made diamond rings, with a reputation for exclusive diamond ring designs, timeless elegance, singular craftsmanship, and exceptional rarity.

A variety of diamond shapes

Come to Madison jewellery shop and choose from an ever-expanding inventory of the finest diamond rings in the UK. The diamond rings created by Madison come in a number of different styles which feature a variety of diamond shapes in a range of settings. All ring designs are available in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum and some are now available in palladium.

Precious metals and gemstones

Madison jewellery shop is known for its unique combination of precious metals and gemstones. All gemstones are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified. With a vast range of diamonds, from diamond rings to loose diamonds that are constantly being updated, and the connections that allow clients to get access to the right diamonds for them, Madison really is the best place on the market for Diamond rings. With a constantly replenishing stock, which is always being updated with the best diamonds on offer, and the ability for clients to be informed of diamonds when they come in stock, saving stress, you really won’t find a better diamond broker in the whole of the UK.

Diamonds ring lasts forever

The phrase “Diamonds are forever” isn’t something that’s uncommon to hear in the jewellery business, but it’s especially true for Madison. Armed with the firm belief that diamond rings should be made to a standard where they really do last forever, not just for our client’s sake but for our complete dedication to our craft, Madison’s diamonds are assured with an excellent quality that’s hard, if not impossible to beat. Each diamond you purchase with Madison has quality coated all over it, each diamond ring has a level of assured and proven quality about it that there’s simply no other choice in the ring diamond market.
Madison specialises in diamond rings and invites you to visit our shop at Hatton Garden London UK.

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