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Award Winning Jeweller

Award-Winning Jeweller

Creating a diamond ring is a personal, immersive and no-pressure experience. Join Queensmith Master Jewellers in Hatton Garden’s showroom and meet with your friendly consultant to start your journey to the perfect engagement ring. Queensmith Master Jewellers are proud to have received the UK Bridal Jeweller of the Year Award 2018, reflecting the dedication, expertise and passion of our design consultants, gemmologists and master goldsmiths.

Bespoke diamond rings

As everything we create is handcrafted in-house, we’re able to craft unique, custom engagement rings at no extra cost. Our design consultants will go through your concept with you, before the design is CAD and 3D printed, allowing you to finesse and fine-tune any details. Whether you’ve got a thing for totally unusual engagement rings, or want to recreate a vintage engagement ring you’ve seen elsewhere, it’s all possible with Queensmith.

Traditional diamond rings

Select your GIA certified diamond or gemstone with the guidance of one of our expert gemologists, then see our master goldsmiths create your bespoke diamond ring in our in-house workshops. Whether you choose one of our signature designs or create a custom design, each engagement ring is crafted from scratch, for one hand only.

Diamond ring designs

The beauty of creating a bespoke engagement ring is having the ability to explore different engagement ring styles with free-range. Adding a pop of colour, sapphire engagement rings are the perfect alternative to diamond rings – the gemstone is durable and lustrously beautiful. Whilst vintage engagement rings can be characterful, the aged pieces can be brittle and damaged – so why not recreate an antique engagement ring, for a charming ring to last a lifetime. Trilogy engagement rings are hopelessly romantic – the three stone rings represent the past, present and future of your relationship. Whether you find a design you’d like to recreate or have a totally new idea. Explore our signature engagement rings, Queensmith Master Jewellers will create your unique engagement ring for you, and only you.

Our Client Testimonials

Transparency is at the heart of what we do in creating your bespoke engagement ring. From taking you through the ins and outs of selecting a diamond ring and discussing the ‘4 Cs’, to being able to see our goldsmiths at work through our glass-encased, in-house workshops – and we’ll always work with you to make sure you get the most for your budget, in a no-pressure, enjoyable environment.

Independent diamond ring jewellers

The Queensmith team of diamond experts and master jewellers have the skills, experience and creativity to help you create fine jewellery of enduring beauty, to be treasured for a lifetime. Schedule to meet with one of our trained gemologists for a private consultation at a time that suits you.

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