RPS Diamonds

RPS Diamonds

With over 100 years’ experience

Bringing together timeless jewellery carefully produced with the ideal balance of time-honoured mystique and elegant modern touches gives an all-embracing range that’s inexpensive but high on quality and class.

RPS recognise that diamonds are more than simple pricey stones; they are an extension of your identity. From pieces with emotional hues to energetic ones, the correct diamond may define your mood for the day and improve your look that complements your presence, creating a regal statement.

With over 50 years of history, RPS Diamonds continue to expand and remain the preferred option for obtaining a certified diamond in the hearts of many.

With jewellery stores around London and a strong presence online, RPS has ensured the jewellery collections are easily accessible, whether it be a buy for a particular occasion or your big day.


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