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TH March Chartered Insurance Brokers

Famous for Insuring Jewellery

Commercial and personal insurance

TH March Chartered Insurance Brokers, established in 1887, we are proud to be known as the foremost brokers to the retailers, designers, manufacturers, makers, collectors, repairers and wearers, who are all part of the UK’s diverse and vibrant jewellery scene. Our expertise doesn’t stop there because we offer a wide range of commercial and personal insurance products to suit the needs and requirements of all kinds of people and organisations.

Jewellery & watch insurance specialists

We can offer you a range of options to cover your jewellery if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Our experienced advisors can help you to decide whether you need separate insurance or to include cover as part of a home insurance policy.

Watch valuation

As part of arranging your personal jewellery insurance, you’ll be asked to provide us with a UK Jewellery or Watch valuation.

Insurance for Jewellers

Arranging insurance for jewellers is in our DNA and has been at the heart of our business since 1887. Thousands of jewellers across the country put their trust in T H March and the insurances we arrange, and as appointed brokers to the UK jewellery industry’s leading trade associations and buying groups, we are proud to be the industry’s favourite.

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