The Goldsmiths Company

The Goldsmiths Company

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

The Goldsmiths Company supports artisans, protects consumers, and works with nonprofit partners.

The Company goals:

  1. To safeguard customers via the Assay Office and test the coinage of the realm yearly during the Trial of the Pyx;
  2. To assist artisans and the larger industry and trade through training, education, and promotion, notably through The Goldsmiths’ Centre;
  3. To finance and support the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity to help better lives;
  4. To build on our traditions to increase our contribution to life, work, education, and culture in London and beyond;
  5. To manage our financial affairs to safeguard the Company’s long-term future.

Since 1300, the Goldsmiths in Hatton Garden have tested the quality of gold, silver, platinum, and Palladium.

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