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Stunning collection of Sapphire jewellery

Design bespoke jewellery

Our showroom offers a warm welcome and it is our pleasure helping customers in designing jewellery that is completely customizable. You can create a unique bespoke piece of jewellery with the aid of one of our designers. Either in our studio or from the comfort of your own home, with our comprehensive online consultation system. Personalized jewellery design sketches are formed from your individual requirements. Which offers our clients the unique ability to create and visualise their jewellery to ensure the perfect bespoke jewellery design.

Quality bespoke jewellery

You will notice the difference and love the look of our quality handcrafted pieces of jewellery. Each item of jewellery is designed with practicability in mind and meant to be worn and handed down for generations. Your jewellery is your “signature”, it is a luxury you can enjoy every day, that makes you feel great about yourself. The latest design technology ensures a perfectly balanced sapphire and gives an accurate vision of the finished article. Choosing a sapphire is a special moment, it is an unforgettable experience knowing that every attention to detail in designing your jewellery. It has been carefully thought through, putting your individual requirements into your own unique piece.

Bespoke jewellery sets

Matching alluring bespoke jewellery sets are our forte using multiple metals and all of the private commissions come with our own hallmark. They are also photographed for insurance and security. The goldsmiths at “The Sapphire Shop” are trained at “The Institute of Goldsmiths”. They will take your conceptual jewellery designs and help with artistic finesse to create a truly wonderful future heirloom. What could be more romantic than giving a bespoke jewellery set to your loved one? They will cherish your custom made gift for a lifetime.

Bespoke jewellery design

Our skilful design consultants will guide you through your options each step of the way, creating personalised jewellery design sketches. We will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure your jewellery is of ultimate distinctive quality.

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