Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden, London, offers a variety of jewellery shops, including renowned jewellers, goldsmiths, gem experts, engagement ring specialists,  bespoke designers, diamond traders, luxury watches shops, valuators, insurers, family-owned stores, repair services, and second-hand buyers.

Hatton Garden in London is home to the highest concentration of jewellery shops within a single area. To find great jewellers, simply look through our categories. No matter what kind of jewellery you want, you can find it at Hatton Garden’s shops.

Famous jewellers, goldsmiths, diamond sellers, gemstone experts, engagement ring specialists, bespoke designers, watchmakers, jewellery value experts, and insurance companies can be found here. Additionally, you can discover family-owned jewellery stores that have been around for a long time, contemporary boutiques, repair services, and even buyers of second-hand jewellery. All of these are available in one area, right here in Hatton Garden.



About Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden, situated in the district of Holborn within the London Borough of Camden, stands as the historic and contemporary hub of London’s jewellery trade. Dating back to the medieval era, this area has long been associated with precious gems, metals, and distinguished craftsmanship.

Derived from Sir Christopher Hatton, a well-respected figure in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, the name Hatton Garden reflects its high-status origins. The transformation of Sir Hatton’s mansion into a commercial premises in the 19th century sparked the rise of an enduring concentration of jewellery businesses.

Today, Hatton Garden boasts a significant cluster of retail jewellers, wholesale businesses, and specialist jewellery craftsmen. The area is renowned for its exquisite diamonds and high-quality precious metals, earning it a reputation as one of the premier locations for jewellery shopping and bespoke jewellery design in the UK and beyond. Whether it’s for engagement rings, wedding bands, unique custom pieces, or valuable antique jewellery, Hatton Garden’s expert jewellers and gemologists cater to a wide range of discerning clientele.