4 steps to the perfect diamond engagement ring

If you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring, it’s easy to find the whole process confusing. You’ll need to consider cut, clarity and colour, not to mention the material and width of the band – it can be a minefield! Here are 4 steps to help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring.

1. Look at the cut
Choosing the cut is one of the most important aspects of buying a diamond ring as it reflects the wearer’s personal style and also affects the stone’s sparkle. Classic styles like princess and round cut are best for a more traditional feel, whilst emerald, asscher and marquise cut add vintage appeal to contemporary rings.

2. Consider clarity
Diamonds are rated according to clarity – higher ratings will have fewer inclusions and blemishes. The ratings range from SI1-3 (included) to F (flawless) but VVS1-VVS2 is a good middle ground to aim for.

3. Choose colour
Diamonds are graded for colour from D to X, where D is a colourless diamond and X Is yellow. D to F graded diamonds are the most valuable and rare, but choosing a G to I rated stone ensures that virtually no colour is visible to the naked eye.

4. Select a metal
Most engagement rings are made from 18 carat white or yellow gold, palladium or platinum – the main deciding factor will normally be price. Palladium has a similar appearance to platinum without the associated price tag.


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