5 Unique Marriage Proposals

Unique Marriage ProposalsMost prospective grooms spend a lot of time thinking about their proposals. From the date and location to the weather and the engagement ring. Everything is taken into consideration to ensure the biggest question of their lives is asked smoothly. However, some men like to think outside of the box. They come up with something a little more original than a candlelit dinner at her favourite restaurant. Here is a list of the most unusual (but successful!) proposals to date:


The comic book proposal

Australian illustrator Guy Shield spent months creating a comic strip to propose to his girlfriend Liz. On first glance, the strip appeared to be a series of random pictures, but when folded it cleverly spelled out ‘Will you marry me.’

The Twitter proposal

Mike Duerksen made his proposal unique by live tweeting the whole event on social network Twitter, under the hashtag #MikeProposes. Over the course of 12 hours, he took his girlfriend Janelle to eight different locations. Each had significance to their relationship as followers waited for the big moment.

The X-Factor proposal

Paul Ricketts stormed the stage during his girlfriend Samantha’s X-Factor audition. Paul politely asked the judges if he could borrow a few minutes of their time before getting down on one knee.

The newspaper proposal

John Ireland proposed to his partner Ben on the front of the Metro, after winning the newspaper’s Win the Cover Competition. The question was read by thousands of commuters before Ben saw it. When he eventually proposed, the answer was a resounding yes.

The movie trailer proposal

YouTube user Matt posted a video of himself proposing to his girlfriend Ginny in a movie theatre. With a custom made trailer that he had arranged to be played on the big screen. The video showed him asking her father to his permission. Matt combined his original, modern idea with traditional values to make the perfect proposal.


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