Eternity ring guide

What is an eternity ring?

What is an eternity ring? It is gifted by a significant other when a couple reaches a milestone anniversary or life-changing occasion. Infinity rings are made up of a precious metal set with a line of diamonds identically cut or precious gemstones.

Eternity rings history

A Guide to Eternity Rings
An eternity ring is given by a loved one

Egyptian myth suggests the band is based on the symbol Ouroboros. This looked like a snake or lizard that swallowed its own tail to form a circle. The first example of an Ouroboros appeared on the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 14th Century BC. They can also be traced back to a Tibetan Buddhist endless knot. The Infinity symbol was created by mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

What does the eternity ring symbolise?

Since 2,000 BC, the eternity ring has become the ultimate symbol of commitment and eternal love. The band is also associated with the concept of “The circle of life”. It was considered common practice to gift a wife an eternity ring after the birth of the first child. There are different meanings to the eternity rings available and you find out what your eternity rings says about you.

Eternity ring what order do you wear it

Your eternity ring, engagement ring and wedding ring are commonly worn on the right finger of your left hand. A diamond eternity ring is usually placed between the wedding band and the engagement ring. In the end, it is up to you how you choose to wear your eternity ring. Just consider your own comfort when making that choice.

Eternity ring as a gift

The traditional time to gift an eternity ring is on the birth of your first child or reaching a 10th anniversary. You may also gift an eternity ring on these occasions. When your partner is pregnant, a birthday present, valentine’s day and Christmas. A diamond infinity ring could be gifted on a 60th wedding anniversary. Sapphire eternity ring for a 45th wedding anniversary. Ruby infinity ring for a 40th wedding anniversary. Emerald eternity ring for a 55th wedding anniversary.

Eternity rings channel or pavé

paved with diamonds
Paved with diamonds

From full channel eternity rings to half pavé eternity rings, there will be a ring to suit every person. You can even select the shape of a diamond or gemstone of the ring.


Pavé is a classic design from France that is translated as “paved with diamonds”. This design has small diamonds and other gemstones attached to the precious metal, giving it a wonderfully textured surface. Your ring will give off the illusion that it has a surface of jewels whether it is full pavéd or half pavéd.  Pavé settings are available in a wide range of styles, from modern settings to a range of vintage designs that incorporate pavé-set diamonds.

Channel eternity rings

Channel eternity ring
Channel Eternity ring


Channel eternity rings contain one or numerous rows of diamonds or gemstones set in the sections of precious metal. This gives the ring a smooth finish. A half design is particularly beautiful. When choosing your eternity ring, you should browse an eternity rings glossary. To ensure you are getting the right one for your loved one. For more help in finding the perfect eternity ring, visit Eternity Rings Hatton Garden Jewellery store or contact us today.

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