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Coffee Beans and Glittery Things: The Story of Jewellery Inspired by Female Coffee Producers

Few things that can unite the world like a cup of coffee. But two things come close- the sheer luxury of slipping on a beautiful piece of jewellery, and the bold and fierce spirit of women globally. Now you can celebrate all three in one perfect package with one of the most unique jewellery collaborations the world has seen. It’s time to meet the Misho x Araku collection, the designer that conceptualised it, and the unique women it celebrates.

The Araku Coffee Story

Let’s start with a quick dive into one of the most empowering and fascinating stories you will ever see coffee beans star in. Araku Coffee is a beloved and utterly unique brand of coffee from the Araku Valley in the Eastern Ghats region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Remote, hilly, and mostly inhabited by tribal communities plagued by social challenges and locked to subsistence agriculture, it once was a place with little hope. Then the Naandi Foundation took centre stage. They wanted to not only uplift local farmers and create a coffee like no other but also to preserve the exquisite local environment through organic, focused farming methods. They adopted shade-grown coffee cultivation, where coffee plants are grown under the shade of spectacular native trees, preserving the ecosystem and greatly enhancing the coffee beans’ flavour profile.

Tribal farmers then handpick the coffee cherries, ensuring that only perfect berries make the grade. Then gentle traditional methods to process and dry them into coffee beans. Globally, we celebrate Araku Coffee for its rich aroma, balanced acidity, and nuanced flavours that perfectly reflect the distinct terroir of the Araku Valley.

But Araku isn’t just about coffee, it’s about social empowerment. It provides a direct market link to the tribal farmers, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring fair prices. But it also uplifts one of India’s most vulnerable groups- women. The women own and participate in the cultivation process, and Araku Coffee has made huge strides in gender equality and women’s empowerment in the area.

The story of Araku Coffee showcases the massive power of sustainable agriculture, community development, and entrepreneurship in creating positive social change. It also shows us how a premium (and surprising) product like speciality coffee beans can be a driving force in economic empowerment and conservation, and yet still honour the culture it serves. Today they are globally-recognised pioneers of the bean-to-brew phenomenon.

Honouring Araku Through Jewellery

We’re sure that wonderful story left you with a tear or two. It certainly inspired Misho’s Suhani Parekh! And when Suhani speaks, the jewellery world listens.

She’s known for her contemporary, architectural, and minimalist jewellery designs, rich in clean lines and geometric shapes, and with a focus on simplicity. She’s become an iconic force in the jewellery world both in her native India and globally. Her pieces use unconventional forms and unique silhouettes to create indulgent, spectacular modern and artistic aesthetics. Innovative and forward-thinking, she too blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary values. She has also established Misho as a much-awarded brand synonymous with contemporary elegance and style. You might even wonder why a perfect partnership like this hasn’t happened before now!

The Misho x Araku Jewellery Collection

Drawing inspiration from the phenomenal women of Araku as well as their traditional tribal jewellery, the heart of a dazzling new Misho collection was born. While each piece is a modern, cutting-edge creation, you can still see the bones of the rich tribal history that inspired them. In particular, Suhani found deep inspiration in the importance of nose rings in their culture, with younger women favouring simple lines and studs and older women using elaborate hoops to showcase their prosperity. She was also surprised (and delighted) to see a traditional Indian jewellery style veer away from the quintessential heavy brass pieces into something surprisingly minimalist, light, and modern- the perfect match to her brand’s core aesthetics

The result? Exquisite and thoroughly modern pieces enriched by a long tradition and history. From the way she reinvented the lines of those nose rings into lightweight, versatile hoop earrings to the playful way she contrasts tradition and modernity, it’s a stunning collection filled with pieces that are sure to turn heads wherever they’re worn.

But Suhani didn’t make the Misho x Araku collection just to celebrate jewellery or update tradition- she wanted to embrace the fierce spirit of the women who wear it. Note the darling green and red hues throughout the collection, a nod to the coffee that empowers them and their brave souls. And yes, if you look carefully, there’s a coffee bean-shaped ornament or two hidden in the collection!

Want a sneak peek? You’re sure to start drooling! Of course, this is the perfect moment to kick back with a tasty brew of your favourite coffee beans and spend some time admiring this exquisite new jewellery line- believe us, it’s well worth it.


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