Diamond stud earrings

Diamond Earring Buying Guide

Are you looking for a gift for someone special? If so, one option to consider is a pair of earrings. No matter whether you are looking for something for your partner, friend, mother or sibling. A pair of diamond earrings will never fail. Not only do diamonds have the wow factor. They are easier to buy for someone else than say a bracelet, which may fall off their wrist. We will take you through different points to consider when purchasing earrings. You can be sure you end up with the perfect pair of diamond earrings.

Diamond earring styles

STYLE – One of the key factors to consider is the style of the earrings. This will depend on the style of the person you are purchasing for. Are they someone who loves to stand out with the clothes they wear. If so, you could go for something bold and unique, like a pair of hoop earrings. Are they elegant and do they prefer classic clothing? If so, drop earrings could be the way to go.

If you are feeling unsure, or the person in question prefers subtle jewellery, you can’t go wrong with stud earrings. Diamond studs are simple yet stunning, and they are subtle for all occasions. Everyone needs a pair and don’t be fooled into thinking stud earrings are all the same. There are so many different styles to select from. Princess cut diamonds are exceptionally popular for their modern appearance. While many people also love Martini style diamond stud earrings too.

Diamond earring metal

METAL – The next point to consider is the metal used. You should choose from the following if you want supreme quality – 18K white gold, 18k yellow gold and platinum jewellery. Needless to say, platinum is the more expensive option of the three. Yet, if you are buying for someone special, it’s worth it. Not only does quality dictate the metal you are going to select. It also reflects the recipient’s taste. Pay attention to the jewellery they usually wear to determine what type of metal they would prefer.

Choosing your diamonds

DIAMOND – Of course, you need to carefully consider the diamonds used. While you may not need to scrutinise the diamond as critically as you would if you were buying an engagement ring. You will still want to make sure you select a quality diamond. After all, if you go for something with a very low colour grading. It will show, as the diamond will appear yellow. Moreover, if the cut is poor, the earrings won’t sparkle, which defeats the purpose of buying diamonds. You also need to consider the carat weight, with everything from 0.15ct to 10ct available. Also, make sure that both diamonds have similar measurements, table size, depth, clarity, and colour so that they look the same.

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