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Eco-friendly jewellery

Many jewellery designers are wholeheartedly embracing sustainability, creating new and unique pieces from found or up-cycled items. Here are a few that we think to deserve the spotlight this autumn:

Ethical Jewellery

Eco-friendly jewellery is inspired by nature handmade with 100% recycled metals. here you will find some jewellers making ecofriendly jewellery.

Fonderie 47

Founded by Peter Thum, Fonderie 47 up-cycles components from AK47 assault rifles which have been salvaged from conflict zones in Africa. These components are expertly crafted into jewellery and watches – their diamond, 18k rose gold and steel cuff is the ultimate piece of jewellery for any eco-warrior.

Natalie FrigoTriangleBraceletsRevised

Natalie Frigo creates beautiful jewellery from recycled metals (mostly gold), helping to reduce the 20-30 tons of waste that are produced from mining just 1 ounce of gold. This NYC based designer utilises ancient metalsmithing techniques and lost-wax casting to create ethically sound pieces, many of which have a tribal feel, such as her ‘Claw and Rock Crystal’ pendant.


Dutch-born designer Lenny Trines was inspired by her time spent in South America to create the stylish, sustainable jewellery brand LeJu, which trades at Spitalfields Market in London. The bold designs have already been noticed by celebrities and fashion editors, and have featured in Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Using manufacturing techniques from South America and influences from Europe, each piece is hand-crafted from vegetable ivory, a seed found in the Amazon rainforest. Use of this seed boosts South America’s economy and prevents the slaughter of elephants for ivory from their tusks, which is often used in jewellery.


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