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Elegant Emeralds – the stone for the month of May

EmeraldsThe month of May has finally arrived, and here in Hatton Garden, we’re gearing up for a season of summery jewellery styles. There’s no gemstone more appropriate for May-Day celebration than the emerald as it’s the birthstone for the month.

Emeralds can vary in the shade quite dramatically, from a light, translucent green to a richer, more opaque hue. Regardless of the depth of their colour, emeralds look stunning in all styles of jewellery. However, throughout history, this stone has been used for a variety of purposes – not just accessorising.

Since Roman times, the emerald has been known as the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess of love, and is thought to preserve the love and romance in a relationship. Many healers use the gem to help heal the heart, and giving an emerald to a partner is said to be a good way for both parties to stay faithful. The stone has also held Christian connotations too, as a symbol of faith and hope.

Appropriately for the season, the powers of the emerald are said to be strongest in the spring, and it also has connections with nature – from its organic green colour to its associations with peace and harmony. If you’re looking for a piece of gemstone jewellery that’s perfect for the warmer months, look no further than the emerald!


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