How to Clean and Take Care for Your Jewellery

When you possess jewellery, you want to keep it looking as lovely as possible for as long as possible. Many people purchase a stunning piece of jewellery and then are disappointed if it doesn’t stand the test of time. Taking care of jewellery is important in order to keep it looking its best and prevent any unnecessary damage or tarnishing. Of course, the best quality jewellery is likely to last and look best over time, so before investing in an item, ensure it is of the highest standard possible. Once you have the jewellery, here are our tips to maintain its sparkle:

Cleaning your jewellery

Store your jewellery in a lined pouch or box away from chemicals, sunlight and extreme temperatures. The lining should preferably be silk, and individual pieces should always be stored separately. Avoid any rough treatment. It is not advisable to wear your jewellery during any strenuous activities, such as exercise or gardening, where it may become damaged.

Professional jewellery cleaning products

Do not allow jewellery to come into contact with perfume, hairspray and nail polish removers, as they can all affect the appearance of metals. Always take your jewellery off before swimming, as chlorine can have a similar effect. Invest in a professional jewellery cleaning product. Ensure that you read the instructions properly and apply the product as appropriate. Use a clean, soft chamois cloth to encourage and maintain shine.

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