Jewellery Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in Hatton Garden

Whilst your wedding day is a day to celebrate the relationship of you and your partner, it’s also the perfect occasion to celebrate the people that got you there – your friends, family and nearest and dearest. When giving their speeches, many couples choose to give gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen as a thank you for taking part in their special day. Here are some jewellery based suggestions for presents that they’ll treasure for a lifetime…


Whether you’re purchasing jewels for them to wear on the big day or as a gem that they can have as a keepsake after the ceremony, jewellery is a gift that every girl will appreciate! A simple pair of earrings or a set of matching necklaces make a perfect thank-you for all of their help and support. Lots of brides choose to incorporate a physical knot into the design of their gift, as a play on the phrase ‘tie the knot’ – a ring or bracelet crafted from a precious metal like gold or silver, with an unobtrusive knot design at its centre, is a subtle but sentimental choice that they can wear again and again.


Many people assume that men won’t want to receive jewellery as a present, but a well-chosen designer timepiece or pair of cufflinks is usually very well received! For a personal touch, you could add an engraving with the date of the ceremony, or a particular in-joke between you and your boys – this works well on everything from watches to hipflasks and will make them smile every time they wear or use their gift.


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