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Jewellery trends of the past – 1990s

Welcome to the final instalment of our jewellery trends of the past series. So far we’ve delved into the styles and designs of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, but now it’s time to round off with the fun, feisty fads of the 1990s…

As with many decades, the fashions of the 1990s were influenced by the music of the time. Grunge music had a big influence on the style scene, bringing with it subdued colours and baggy styles, and the popularity of less showy precious metals like silver. Contemporary body jewellery also becomes increasingly popular during the 1990s thanks to grunge’s more rocky style.

However, despite the widespread popularity of grunge, pop music was also popular, so young women often opted for bright colours, beads, plastic and glitter in their jewellery as a response to the styles of these types of artists as well.

One interesting trend that the 1990s brought was the rise of male jewellery – from beaded necklaces to stud earrings, it became less and less unusual to find a man sporting some sparkle. This is a trend that has continued into the 21st Century, with the growth in purchases of items such as male engagement rings.

The 1990s was a decade that would certainly be fun to reflect in your own jewellery collection – and with more than 50 unique jewellery stores with a range of styles and influences, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in Hatton Garden.


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