Ravishing Rubies – July’s Beautiful Birthstone

One of the most highly prized gemstones, the ruby is the birthstone for those born in July. Because it’s harder to find large rubies than other gemstones, the value of the stone increases more with size than diamonds, sapphires or emeralds.

Rare beauty

The rarest, finest rubies of all, known as ‘pigeon’s blood rubies, are found in Burma’s Mogok Valley, and rubies can also be found in Thailand. People in the Far East once believed that rubies contained the very spark of life itself and that the homes of the gods were lit by huge, glowing rubies and emeralds. Rubies are reputed to bring good health to the wearer, whilst guarding against wicked thoughts!

Splash out

Whatever you believe, the deep reds and vibrant pinks of rubies are truly striking. We love Holts Jewellery’s 18ct White Gold Ruby Necklace and Stud Earrings, which would make the perfect gift for anybody born in the month of July. For those with a bit more to spend, Hatton Jewels’ Ruby and Diamond Bubble Pendant boast 1.29ct of rubies – its art deco style is perfectly on-trend this season.

Striking colours

Looking to spend a bit less but still want to purchase ruby jewellery for your partner’s birthday? High street jeweller H. Samuel stocks a range of 9ct gold ruby rings and we’ve fallen in love with their Rose Gold 3 Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring which features three stunning, vibrant pink rubies. There’s definitely something about a lady in red!


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