Ready to buy an engagement ring? Here’s what you should know

Getting an engagement ring is tremendously romantic – but there are so many considerations to consider that you might be a little frightened to start this journey.

No matter if you’ve always been a die-hard romantic or pragmatist in relationships, you know that an engagement ring shows your better half your commitment. However, actually buying it might get you out of your comfort zone, regardless of your personality and attachment style. You want this piece of jewellery to symbolise your love for them and proof that you want to spend your life together. However, you’re also spending a lot of money on a ring, and you must ensure it’s something your partner really likes and fits their style and preferences. Suppose you don’t know where to start looking; here are some recommendations to help you

Consider their lifestyle

Before going on a shopping spree, try to understand your partner’s lifestyle better because the engagement ring will be on their finger daily for many years to come – and it should withstand time and feel comfortable. Most people don’t remove their engagement rings for working out, completing tasks at their job, or engaging in their favourite hobbies – so you need to find a ring that fits their everyday lifestyle. Here are some questions to answer before picking the model:  – Do they have a job requiring them to use their hands often? – Do they work in a job where they have to care for people? – Are they athletic? – Do they engage in activities like yoga, swimming, or skiing often? – Do they like to get their hands dirty? – Do they cook often?

What is their personal style?

Does your partner use clothes to express themselves? What outfits do they choose to wear at work, in social settings, or when you’re going out? Look closely at the colours they wear, the fabrics they prefer, if they pick patterns, and the kind of shoes and accessories they wear daily. While some people tend to pick their outfits based on their mood, your partner probably has a style they gravitate towards, and it can help you identify the model of ring they’d prefer.

Establish your budget

If you haven’t checked the prices for engagement rings before, prepare yourself because you’ll be shocked. Most of them cost more than you’re anticipating. It’s recommended to start browsing the market ahead and compare prices from different sellers. You can also purchase an engagement ring online, but make sure you check the website’s credibility ahead. The specialists from Data Breach Compensation advise buyers to check reviews and pay close attention to the website’s reliability. Even if the seller is not a fraud, they might fail to process the sensitive information properly and leave you vulnerable to becoming a data breach victim. However, before deciding if you buy an engagement ring online or from a local shop, determine how much you can afford to spend without breaking the bank. Don’t put your savings at risk with the engagement ring because you’ll also have to pay wedding-related expenses.

Pick the centrepiece stone

Most engagement rings have a centrepiece stone, so you should try to find out what kind of stone your partner would prefer. Some engagement rings are created as three-stone rings, and the middle one is usually larger than the others, but you don’t have to go for the classical model. If you want to buy an engagement ring featuring a stone, you must decide what shape you prefer for the centrepiece. Gemstones and diamonds come in a multitude of shapes, and they should reflect the wearer’s personality. Vertical shapes like marquise, pear, and oval can slenderise the fingers, so suppose your partner talked about how they don’t like their fingers’ look, you could consider one of these options. On the other hand, when your partner prefers accessories that capture attention, you can opt for a princess or oval shape because they have a captivating sparkle. The cushion cut is more traditional and therefore would suit someone who prefers romantical and whimsy jewellery.

Find the ring size

This might be the trickiest step because you must ensure you buy the right ring size. While some jewellery providers allow you to alter the band, the process might damage the ring, so purchasing the ring in the right size is ideal. Besides, your partner will want to flaunt it immediately after the engagement, and waiting for a new one can disrupt their mood. The best way to find their size without them knowing is to get a ring they often wear on their left-hand ring finger and take it to the jewellery store to measure it. You can also order a ring-sizing tool online and measure it at home, in case you don’t want them to notice that one of their rings is missing. In case they don’t wear rings, it might be a little bit more complicated. But you can try to measure their finger with a piece of string when they sleep.

Decide on the last details

Now that you know what stone you want to purchase and the ring size, it’s time to pick the band. You must decide the metal for the ring, and check with the jeweller if it matches the stone. Next, you should think about adding side stones to the centre stone. You also have the option to pave gemstones within the band. Depending on how much you want to personalise the ring, you can even include your birthstone next to the centrepiece. Remember that choosing side stones complementing the central one is crucial. When you’re happy with the design, you can think about additional elements like an engraving within the inside of the band. You can customise it with everyone you want, from a monogram to a love message. Now, we hope you’re ready to plan the proposal because it should be something unique for both of you.