Should men wear engagement rings

Male engagement rings
Male engagement rings often have a thicker band and smaller diamonds.

Traditionally, it is only women that wear an engagement ring as a sign of their betrothal and devotion. However, in the current times of increased equality and fairness between the sexes, there is no reason why a man should not wear an engagement ring too – and the trend for doing so is rapidly increasing.









Several celebrities have endorsed the fashion; David Beckham opted for a band adorned with 7.5 worth of diamonds when he proposed to his wife Victoria, and singer Michael Bublé also wore a ring when he became engaged to his Argentinean fiancé, telling fans at one of his concerts that “The boy wears the engagement ring [in Argentina].”

It may be time for men who think that engagement rings are only for their partners to think again. Even if it is the man who expresses the proposal, both partners are entitled items of jewellery to commemorate the occasion.

Male engagement rings often have a thicker band and smaller diamonds to avoid association with more conventionally feminine options, but are still classic and elegant pieces that profess the commitment they have made to the outside world.

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