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The London Silver Vaults

Whether within currency or Olympic medals, gold has often been at the top of the pecking order when it comes to precious metal. However, in recent years, silver has been topping the trends in the jewellery market, proving that perhaps it is no longer second best. Just a stone’s throw from London’s jewellery mecca of Hatton Garden lies the world-famous London Silver Vaults, home to the largest retail collection of fine antique silver in the world and the first port of call for any lovers of silverware staying in London.

The vaults have played a big part in London’s rich history. Originally used by the silver dealers and jewellers of Hatton Garden as a safe deposit in 1876, trading in the underground vaults soon became commonplace and the Silver Vaults were made open to the public. After enduring severe bombing during the Second World War, the building above was rebuilt in 1953 and stands today as the entrance to an underground treasure trove. Behind the vault’s huge, heavy doors is an unrivalled collection of silverware in a myriad of styles. Today there are a number of shops to explore, many of which are family-run businesses that have been trading since the beginning. You can find anything from jewellery, cutlery and tea-sets to silver armchairs within its walls.

If you’ve been inspired to take a trip to the vaults, why not take a stroll along with Hatton Garden as well, and sample the silver on offer in the historic shops where London’s silver trade was born?

The London Silver Vaults is discreetly located in the heart of the Capital’s historic legal district, on the site of the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit.


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