The Most Expensive Jewellery Stores in London

London is famous around the world for its jewellery because of Hatton Garden’s prominence. Now, premium jewellery stores can be found all over London. Most of the premium and luxury jewellers can now be found in Mayfair. They sell stunning diamonds, gemstones, and precious metal pieces for the world’s elite. Discover the cream of the crop of London jewellery stores below.

Bulgari – Bond Street

Bulgari, BVLGARI as it appears on their branded products, is a premium jewellery maker that has stores worldwide. They are an Italian brand known for their jewellery and watches, but you may also find the right fragrance or accessory in their Bond Street store. They were founded in Greece 137 years ago by master jeweller Sotirios Voulgaris.

Bulgari’s headquarters is in Rome, but their most impressive store is undoubtedly in London. Bulgari’s Bond Street store is a two-storied marble beauty. The store is divided into the masculine and the feminine. There is a ‘Gentlemen’s Lounge’ which aims for tradition mixed with an Italian flair.  In the ‘Women’s Accessories Area’ you can find the latest in style and accessories. The most premium jewellery can be found in the VIP area. If you are lucky enough to be granted admittance, you will find a tribute to the jewellery lover, Elizabeth Taylor. This stunning room is modelled on the boutique in Rome where she and Gianni Bulgari would take hours looking over their collections.

Fabergé – Bond Street

Fabergé is a Russian jewellery firm, founded in St Petersburg in 1842. They had a London store for many years, but sadly they left in 1915 due to the dangers of the First World War. London was delighted in 2011 to see Fabergé return with its first London store in over 100 years. They have brought their specialism in jewelled eggs back to London with a truly opulent store.

The entrance alone is enough to secure Fabergé as one of London’s most stunning stores. It boasts a light purple facade that frames its opening. Gold handrails lead up three matt black stairs and through a thick gold doorway, into a grand room showing off Fabergé’s most luxury items. In this store, Fabergé represents what makes them unique. A combination of the world’s best craftsmanship, on stunningly high-grade gemstones, diamonds, and precious metal examples.

Tiffany & Co – Old Bond Street

Tiffany & Co are one of the most iconic jewellers, with stores across the world. Its main store is in New York, where Charles Tiffany founded them in 1837. However, one of their main stores is on Old Bond Street in London. This store has a vast array of jewellery pieces featuring premium gemstones and diamonds from around the world. They have expert staff who can advise you on all things jewellery, be that fashion or which gemstones to select. Tiffany & Co is a truly premium store, and they ask that you book an appointment through their website before visiting.

The Height of Luxury

Not many people are lucky enough to experience the luxury that these jewellery stores have on offer. Even witnessing these beautifully decadent locations is a treat for anyone. Visit them today, to experience what only London can offer.