The Most Popular Gemstones On Celebrities And How To Wear Them

Beautiful jewellery elevates and completes any look. Rings to accessorise the hands, necklaces to add a statement to the décolletage and earrings to decorate your ears – jewellery is a simple but powerful accessory. The history of jewellery has expanded over centuries, taking many forms and styles and featuring different gemstones. Even now, white diamonds are still a timeless classic for engagement rings.

Gemstones in jewellery have been a beloved component in jewellery for decades. Each gemstone holds a wealth of value and significance – hence why they are desirable commodities. Today, gemstones in jewellery are still a much-loved accessory, with celebrities wearing these pieces and taking inspiration from iconic looks. However, many ask themselves, ‘How do I wear gemstones?’. The answer? Keep reading to find out!

Pick Classic Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Lorel Diamonds certainly knows that! With a divine selection of pieces, each one with a unique design bound to capture anyone’s attention, this beloved jewellery company certainly knows about diamond jewellery. Diamond jewellery has always been, and will continue to be, one of the most popular gemstones people lean towards.

Diamond rings have graced the fourth finger on the left hand of many individuals. Some are now choosing to upgrade their rings, adding a diamond or two. Necklaces coated in diamonds accentuate a person’s décolletage, drawing attention to the dazzling stones. Diamond necklaces remain iconic, with Audrey Hepburn’s promotional photos for Breakfast at Tiffany’s a reference photo. If a statement diamond ring or necklace is not your preference, you can always choose diamond earrings. From simple studs to eye-capturing drops, diamond earrings can help dress up any look.

Crimson Rubies For A Spellbinding Look

Pair diamonds with rubies, and you have Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic ring by Van Cleef & Arpels. Of course, Elizabeth Taylor dazzled the world on many occasions with the captivating jewels she wore throughout her career. Rubies have a rich history, considered a gemstone fit for a king in some cultures. Associated with wealth and power, it is no surprise that many celebrities choose to wear jewels with a crimson ruby.

Ruby gemstone is a statement piece on its own. Necklaces or rings with a ruby gemstone in the centre can create a simple but powerful piece of jewellery. If your preference is a ring, astrologers recommend that ruby rings be placed on your right hand’s fourth finger. It is believed that when wearing this gemstone, you will experience a boost of self-confidence as it stimulates the chakra.

Mesmerise With Blue Sapphire Gemstones

One of the most famous pieces of blue sapphire jewellery currently resides on the fourth finger on the left hand of the Princess of Wales. When the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their engagement in November 2010, Kate Middleton displayed her blue sapphire engagement ring, surrounded by a halo of diamonds that once belonged to Princess Diana. This sentimental ring captured the world’s attention, with sales for blue sapphires rising by 300 percent across the globe.

How do you wear a blue sapphire gemstone? For women, it is recommended that a blue sapphire ring should be worn on the middle finger of the most dominant hand. This beautiful gemstone is associated with willpower and wellness, and the reason for wearing it on the middle finger is because it is believed that is where it will reap the gemstone’s positive effects.

Choose The Perfect Set Of Pearls

One must remember the perfect set of pearls! Pearl earrings are simple yet elegant, which might be why Angelina Jolie often wears pearl drop earrings, regardless of the occasion. Compared to rubies, sapphires and diamonds, pearls are the more subdued version of the gemstones. However, it can still transform a person’s look. Adding a pearl necklace to a look can provide an elegant touch to any look.

Of course, jewellery can be worn by all! It is not just Angelina Jolie that is a fan of pearl jewellery; Harry Styles has, on multiple occasions, worn pearl necklaces to events – including the 2020 Brit Awards. Pearl necklaces are a timeless classic, helping to elevate a look. As such, it is no surprise that many celebrities favour wearing jewellery featuring this timeless gemstone.

Whether you want to make a statement with a ruby or keep it simple with a pearl, you can wear a gemstone and have it work for you. Spend time looking at the different stones, and choose the one that suits your style more. This way, you will get the most wear from this special investment.