The Value of Antique Jewellery

Italian film star Gina Lollobrigida hit the headlines recently after some precious pieces from her jewellery collection were sold at auction – raising an impressive £3.3m in total. More than 20 items went to new homes on the day, but one of the most desirable pieces was a pair of breath-taking pearl and diamond earrings, which sold for £1.55m alone.

Jewellery is always a great investment purchase, as precious metals and gemstones that are kept in good condition will hold their value for many years. However, a piece of antique or heirloom jewellery has additional importance because of its history.

In the case of Gina’s jewellery, this was the owner that was the source of its appeal. “So often women are lucky enough to be given jewellery, but when you have an actress, a famous lady, who has chosen the jewellery herself it makes it much more interesting,” David Bennett of Sotherby’s Geneva explained.

However, regardless of whether a gem has come from a celebrity home, every item of antique jewellery is valuable because of its own unique story. If you want to pick up a piece of pre-loved jewellery for your collection, why not pay a visit to the stores of Hatton Garden? From Victorian styles to Art-Deco designs, you’re bound to find a beautiful gem with an interesting tale to suit your interests.


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