Wedding Ring FAQs

We recently blogged about the many questions that arise when choosing an engagement ring, but we know that selecting a wedding ring can be just as tricky. Our guide to common wedding ring queries should provide all the answers you need to make your choice.

How much should I spend on a wedding ring?

You should only ever spend as much as you can afford on a wedding ring – after all, you don’t want to start your married life worrying about money! Set yourself a budget for each ring, and make your jeweller aware of your price range when you go shopping. They will be able to help you select the best quality ring for your money so it can stand the test of time.

Should my wedding ring match my engagement ring?

This is a personal choice – some women see their rings as a set, with matching metals and stones, and even go as far as soldering them together to become one! Other women are more focused on having two beautiful rings, even if they’re not entirely the same. Shop for a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring, but don’t worry if they’re not identical.

Should our wedding rings be a matching set?

This is a decision which, again, is down to the individual couple. Some people like their rings to be identical, whereas others use the same precious metal, but choose a chunkier band for the groom and a slimmer band for the bride. However, if your personal styles are totally different, there’s no reason why your rings can’t be different too. The symbolism behind the rings is the most important thing, so focus on finding one that you’ll be happy to wear for a lifetime, rather than worrying about matching makes and materials.

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