What You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

You have waited a long time for this moment, and you are finally ready to pop the question. Buying an engagement ring for your other half may be the most important purchase of your life. Because they will be wearing it for a long time, you must choose something you know your beloved one will adore. You may follow our guide to purchasing an engagement ring in Hatton Garden to guarantee that you get the appropriate ring. From setting a budget, choosing a diamond and finding out her ring size covers everything. 

Establish a Budget

The first step; while we think that no rule should restrict your budget, we believe that before picking an engagement ring, you should establish a reasonable budget to guarantee you locate your perfect selection. Although there is a common belief that an engagement ring should cost three months of your pay, this is not always the case. The ideal engagement ring budget is determined by your other’s half preferences and your particular circumstances. This guide will help you select a diamond or other gemstone that strikes a balance between size and quality. At the same time, remaining within your budget and informing you about lab-created diamonds or diamond substitutes such as moissanite or other gemstones that may be more affordable possibilities. 

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Types of Rings

Ring types vary from halo engagement rings to solitaire engagement rings and even bespoke engagement rings, so it’s vital to have assistance in selecting the ideal setting for your lover. Choosing a ring style may be the most challenging element of the engagement ring purchasing process. Consider the apparel and accessories your significant other favours—this should provide insight into whether they want a traditional, contemporary, nature-inspired, glamorous ring or a mix of the above. Keep an eye out for any indications your companion may drop! If you and your significant other have talked about getting married

Precious Metals

While platinum and yellow gold are the most common metals for engagement rings, it’s essential to educate yourself about your precious metal before making your selection. Engagement rings can be in yellow gold, platinum, palladium, silver, zirconium, tungsten, steel, rose gold, and white gold. Platinum is a naturally hypoallergenic metal ideal for persons with metal allergies is also hard, rare, and permanently white. Platinum is a popular option for wedding and engagement rings because of its extreme durability and lustre.

How to Determine Your Partner’s Ring Size

If you are unsure about your partner’s ring size, this is perfectly acceptable. We’ll offer you a few easy tips and tactics to assist you in resolving the issue. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to determine your partner’s ring size without asking. The most common women’s ring size is 6-6.5, and you should size up. You might steal a ring from your partner’s jewellery box and get it sized, or you could trace one of her jewels onto a sheet of paper. Additionally, order an online ring sizer.

Choosing a Diamond

Diamonds are the traditional engagement ring material. Understanding the four C’s of cut, colour, carat weight, and clarity may assist you in selecting the perfect diamond for your budget and ring. To choose the ideal diamond for you, we suggest beginning with balancing size and quality; selecting smaller diamond results in a higher-quality diamond, while selecting a diamond with some colour or a lesser cut grade results in a greater carat weight within your budget. In addition, because lab-made diamonds are somewhat more economical than naturally mined diamonds of similar shape and carat weight, they are another excellent option to maximise your centre diamond’s value within your budget.


Modern diamond cutters have devised a set of dimensions and angles that are known to maximise the diamond’s inherent brilliance by knowing how light passes through diamond crystals. The term “cut” relates to a diamond’s facets, symmetry, and reflective properties. The cut of a diamond is closely tied to its overall shine and beauty. Still, it is also one of the most critical variables to consider when maximising your diamond’s overall appearance.


Caused by naturally occurring trace elements of nitrogen present during the diamond’s formation under the Earth’s crust. The term “diamond colour” refers to the inherent hue or the absence of colour apparent inside the diamond. This is based on the GIA grading system, which quantifies the presence of yellow or grey colours in a diamond. And The closer a diamond comes to being “colourless,” the more valuable it is.


This metric indicates the diamond’s total weight, which affects the diamond’s apparent size. Because various diamond shapes retain their carat weight differently, specific elongated fancy shapes such as the oval, pear, or marquise diamonds seem bigger than round diamonds of equivalent carat weight.


Clarity is defined by the visibility of a diamond’s intrinsic tiny inclusions and flaws. Diamonds with few to no inclusions are regarded as rare, uncommon and valuable.

Understand Your Warranty.

A defect in the engagement ring will be repaired free of charge within the terms of Steven Stone’s lifetime manufacturing guarantee.

Invest in Protection by Insurance the Ring

As one of the most costly purchases you will make, an engagement ring must be insured against theft, loss, or damage. However, the cost of jewellery insurance may be pretty reasonable, so it’s worth looking into jewellery insurance.

Propose to your loved one!

Finally, it’s time to commemorate this historic event! With a stunning engagement ring you choose. Depending on the sort of couple you are, you may like to have all of your friends and family come to celebrate with you, or you may prefer a more personal choice, such as a bottle of champagne waiting for you at home or in your hotel room when you arrive.

It should be clear by now that there is no right or wrong method to propose; it’s all about finding a technique that feels right for you and your fiancé, and that’s all that matters.


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