What your choice of diamond ring says about you


There are so many different cuts or shapes when it comes to diamond rings – some very distinctive and unusual – that the type you choose is sure to say something about your personality. So, what does your choice of diamond cut say about you?

Round Diamond Cut

A classic choice and also the most popular cut. You love tradition and simplicity, although you may have chosen a contemporary ring. For you, beautiful jewellery is simple, stylish and will never date, and your wardrobe also embodies this vibe.

Asscher Diamond Cut

A square cut with rectangular facets, this is popular in vintage jewellery styles, so if you choose this shape of a diamond, you’re probably a lover of anything vintage. You love Marilyn Monroe, and can’t live without your retro-red lipstick and chic winter coat with its peter-pan collar. For you, the jewellery should tell a story, and you love browsing for vintage finds in antique jewellers.

Diamond Cuts

Marquise Diamond Cut

A Marquise cut looks beautiful either alone or accentuated with pear-shaped side stones. This is one of the more unusual diamond cuts, so you probably love to stand out in a crowd. You’re not afraid to take risks and try new things, and this comes across in your choice of quirky jewellery.

Heart Diamond Cut

If you wear a heart-shaped diamond ring, you’re a true romantic. You’re in love with love, in all its forms, and you wear your heart on your sleeve, unafraid to show how you feel! You enjoy wearing figure-hugging, feminine styles.