5 Sophisticated Gaming-Themed Wedding Ideas

Casinos don’t just give us a good fortune – they also inspire many of us to do something relatively unusual or unconventional. This is how some couples get the idea of following a casino wedding theme to make their special day somewhat more unique compared to other similar events.

But even though it sounds simple, you ought to take care of so many details in order to organize a successful party. More importantly, you must carefully choose from a huge pool of ideas that all come with their own little tweaks. This is where we step in: Our post will show you five ideas for a truly amazing casino themed wedding.

group friends drinking blue curacao night club

Classy Casino Themed Wedding Music

What’s the very first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a truly entertaining party? Yes, you guessed it right – it is the music that makes for a good ambiance at any wedding regardless of the venue or location. In this case, you can get enough inspiration from UK online casinos that are by no means limited by Gamstop restrictions. Apart from offering an escape from self-exclusion programs, most of these casinos also feature games with standout soundtracks.

This is very similar to a physical casino featuring carefully-selected performers. For instance, your wedding can follow the same pattern by starting with a live jazz band to create an elegant atmosphere that truly resembles a high-end casino lounge. You probably know how it works – classic hits from legends like Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald will always do the trick.

However, we do understand that many people expect a modern twist: In such circumstances, you ought to incorporate contemporary jazz or swing covers of popular songs. This already proved to be a massive hit among younger party-goers at casino theme wedding events.

Casino Themed Wedding Snacks and Cocktails

Your guests will definitely expect to drink some cool beverages, but you can (and should) surprise them with a proper drink selection. For example, we suggest starting with a selection of gourmet hors d’oeuvres as these just scream luxury:

  • Caviar-topped blinis
  • Mini lobster rolls
  • Truffle-infused popcorn

Needless to say, these are to be served in elegant cups! Another option is to complement these with a stylish cocktail menu featuring casino classics such as the Martini or Old Fashioned.

Pro tip: Think about a cocktail fountain

Your beverages can serve more than one purpose – they can also add a spectacular visual element to the bar area if you create a cocktail fountain or an ice luge shaped like a dice. This brings your wedding much closer to the casino theme whilst impressing everyone around you.

Casino Themed Wedding Decorations

This segment gives you a really broad scope of possibilities, but we strongly encourage you to stick to the basics that most people know really well. Two options are extremely popular here:

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas decoration is by no means a surprise to you – this city is a symbol of gambling, so you ought to consider replicating its ambiance. For instance, use neon signs as well as oversized playing cards to imitate the iconic Strip. Another option is to use casino tables as centerpieces for carrying the entire F&B assortment.

James Bond

When it comes to a James Bond-inspired theme, it is best to think sleek and sophisticated. This usually means using drape tables in black satin paired with crystal candelabras. We also saw one wedding with a special James Bond photo booth – this one contained everything from tuxedos and bow ties to 007 accessories.

Ideas for Casino Themed Wedding Cake

Some couples are ready to go above and beyond the usual themed stuff. If this is the case with you and your partner, we urge you to order a casino-themed wedding cake. For example, it can have a multi-tiered design with truly bold casino colors (think mainly about red, black, and gold). What’s more, you can enrich each tier with edible decorations:

  • Playing cards
  • Poker chips
  • Dice
  • Miniature slot machines

Fondant makes all of these things possible, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it so as to prepare a unique wedding cake?

Ideas for Casino Themed Wedding Invitations

Don’t forget that this whole party thing begins with invitations! Should you wish to make them ideally suitable to the overall theme, design your invitations to resemble classic playing cards. If that doesn’t sound fancy enough for you, think about using metallic foil accents in gold or silver to highlight key elements like your names, the date, and the venue. Alternatively, you ought to craft invitations in the form of casino chips or include a scratch-off section where guests can reveal special details about the wedding.