Top Ten Jewellers in London

If you are in the market for the best jewellery in London, you simply must start your search in Hatton Garden. You can find dedicated gem experts and craftsmen who will provide you with the very best of service. Discover below the top ten jewellers in Hatton Garden to start your search today.

Daniel Christopher Fine Jewellery

This fantastic jewellery is owned and operated by a father and son team. They have an excellent reputation in the diamond trading industry which allows them to offer clients the best diamonds on the market affordably. The father, Christopher, is known as one of London’s finest diamond cutters.

Queensmith Master Jewellers

Queensmith is an award-winning and independent group of craftsmen and gem experts. They hand make bespoke jewellery and charge affordable prices for their work. You even have the option to tour their workshop, to see how their excellent diamond jewellery is made.

Hearts of London

Hearts of London are all about romance. They specialise in all things wedding and engagement rings. They make fantastic jewellery by combining traditional jewellery making techniques and modern computer-aided design. Any Hearts of London journey begins with a private consultation with an expert gemologist to make sure you are properly educated before choosing your diamond.

Max Diamonds Ltd.

Max Diamonds love to make beautiful jewellery using the most cutting-edge techniques. They have been doing so for the last 50 years. Max Diamonds create bespoke jewellery and invite their clients to be as involved in the process as possible.

London Rocks Jewellers

London Rocks was founded in 2014 by Carl and Harshini Carter with a vision of combining the traditional and the modern. They have a reputation for sourcing the perfect gems and materials for their clients’ unique needs. London Rocks always create something truly special.

Holts Gems.

Holts Gems were founded in 1948 and are currently in the 2nd generation of their family-run business. Their family approach is combined with expert knowledge, resulting in an unmatched experience and product.

RPS Diamonds

RPS is a family-run business in its 3rd generation. Their reputation has allowed them to open 5 branches in Britain. They offer an array of products from traditional and modern pre-made rings, to bespoke and exclusive pieces.

Star Jewellers

Star Jewellers have represented the fiercely independent spirit of Hatton Garden for the last 22 years. Along with bespoke pieces, they also work with the top jewellery brands to provide customers with beautiful pieces. Star Jewellers can boast of a combined 60 years of experience from its small team.

Arlington and Co.

You can find an experienced and skilled team at the family-run Arlington and Co. The quality of Arlington and Co. is assured, as they supply the exclusive jewellery brand GIA diamonds. Their diamonds are unique for the stunning lack of fluorescence.

Beverley Hills London

Since their inception in 1987, Beverley Hills London has worked to provide the best customer service in Hatton Garden. The dedication of their expert team of craftsmen and gemologists provides an unmatched customer experience.

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